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Mutoh DX5 Printhead

Product Name: Mutoh dx5 printhead

Compatible printer: Mutoh VJ1204 VJ1214 VJ1304 VJ1604 printer

Type of ink: eco solvent ink /water based ink/dye ink

Use:original inkjet printer dx5 mimaki printhead

suitable for:

Compatible printer: VJ-1204, VJ-1304, VJ-1604, VJ-1604W VJ-1608, VJ-1614. This printhead is suitable for the Mutoh ValueJet printer series. It has a native resolution of 1440dpi, 8 nozzle lines and 180 nozzles per line, either used in 4-colours and has a minimum variable droplet size of 1.5 pico litre .

Product Description

Technology: o Micro-Piez

Native resolution: 360 dpi

Min. Droplet Size: 1.5 pico litre

Tot. Amount of Nozzles:1440 (8 lines x 18)

Firing Frequency:8 kHz

Ink Compatibility:eco-solvent and mild so

use for:Mimaki Printer: JV33 160 / 250... Mutoh: ValueJet1204 / 1214 / 1304 / 1314 / 1604 / 1614 / 1618 / 2216..

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