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Print head Series >> F189000 DX7 Printhead

F189000 DX7 Printhead

Printing Type: Inkjet Printe

Use:Astar jet, wit color, allwin etc dx7 printer

Model: F189010 dx7 unlock print head

Printer:All Chinese brand printer use dx7 printhead

printer type:Eco Solvent printer

Compatible printer:
Compatible printer: EPSON ECO Solvent dx7 printhead - F189010 This model dx7 head is F1890010, have unlocked head, first locked head, and second locked head.Mainly use for Chinese ecosolvent printer, brand: wit-color, xroland, xenons etc printer.

Product Description

Original unlock F1890010 eco solvent printer dx7 printhead with free damper dx7

Article Name: DX7 Printhead


Suitable For:

1.EP SON PRO-9906D, Stylus B-300, Stylus B-310N, Stylus B-500DN, Stylus B-510DN Printer

2.Chinese eco solvent printer with dx7 head

Description:original and solvent, made in Japan, with ID/serial number

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