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Print head Series >> Roland DX7 Printhead

Roland DX7 Printhead

Printing Type: Inkjet Printe

Use:For Roland and Mutoh printer

Model: dx7 eco solvent printer head

Ink type:Eco solvent ink

Compatible printer:
Compatible printer: CJV150-107 / CJV150-107BS / CJV150-130 / CJV150-130BS / CJV150-160 / CJV150-160BS / CJV150-75 / CJV150-75BS / CJV300-130 / CJV300-130BS / CJV300-160 CJV300-160BS JV150-130 / JV150-130BS / JV150-160 / JV150-160BS JV300-130 / JV300-130A / JV300-130BS / JV300-160 / JV300160A / JV300-160BS

Product Description

Original Mimaki Dx7 para mimaki cabezal de impresion jv300 tx34 ts3

Suitable Printers:

1.100% original and new made in Japan tft gold face---Part Number:6701409010 for Roland dx7 printhead BN-20 LEJ-640 RA-640 RE-640 RF-640 RF-640a VS-300 VS-300i VS-420 VS-540 VS-540i VS-640 VS-640i XF-640 XR-640

2.Mimaki Jv34 TS34 dx7 head-Part NO. MP-M010792 Mimaki CJV300 5540 Head Assy Part NO. M015372 Mimaki CJV300-130/CJV300-130BS/CJV300-160/CJV300-160BS/JV300-130/JV300-130A/JV300-130BS/JV300-160/JV300-160A/JV300-160BS/CJV150-130/CJV150-160/CJV150-75/CJV150-130BS/CJV150-160BS/CJV150-75BS/JV150-130/JV150-160/JV150-130BS/JV150-160BS

3.Model:Mutoh VJ-1618 dx7 head(DG-41914) Mutoh VJ-1624 dx7 head(DG-43988) Mutoh JV-1638(DG-43345)

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